Fluke Networks 290695|26000900

Fluke Networks - Pro3000 Analog Tone and Probe Kit

Manufacturer: Fluke Networks
Anixter Part #: 290695
Vendor Part #: 26000900
Document: Spec Sheet
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Category FLUKE
Subcategory Fluke Networks Equipment
Product Type Tone Loop Current
Speaker Yes

26000900 | Fluke Networks - Pro3000 Analog Tone and Probe Kit

The Pro3000 Analog Tone and Probe is your best choice for toning and tracing wire on non-active networks, and specifi_cally for identifying individual pairs with SmartTone technology. Angled bed-of-nails clips allow easy access to individual wires, and the RJ-11 connector is ideal for use on telephone jacks. The large loud speaker on the network probe allows you to hear through drywall, wood or other enclosures to find wires quickly and easily. You can send this loud tone up to 10 miles (16 kilometers) on most cables! Attach the nylon pouch to your belt, and you will be equipped for any wire identification job.