Whether you are sending a signal over copper or fiber, Anixter has the network cabling you need to build a high-performance infrastructure.  Networks are built on our products.


Data & Power Cables

Voice & Data Cables
Category 6a Patchcords
Category 6 Patchcords
Category 5e Patchcords
Power Cables (NextGB)
Power Cables (10A)
Power Cables (15A)
HDMI Cables


Fibre Optic Cables

Fibre Optic Cables
OM1 Assemblies
OM3 Assemblies
OM4 Assemblies
OS1 Assemblies
OS2 Assemblies
Fibre Pigtails
Corning Ultrabend



Termination Products
Cable Labels
Ties - Nylon
Ties - Stainless
Ties - Tools
19" Cable Manager