NETSCOUT - LinkRunner


Netscout LinkRunner - AutoTest accurately identifies network connectivity problems in 10 seconds. With two models available: LRAT-2000 adds fiber, TruePower™ PoE loading, IPv6, reflection, Li-ion battery pack and 50 reports instead of 10.

Verify connectivity at 10M/100M/1G on copper and fiber: Instantly verify link status, connectivity type, and signal strength. Nearest switch and VLAN information: Displays the VLAN and nearest switch model, slot and port. Cabling: Test installed cabling and patch cords. TruePower PoE testing: Quickly validate PoE. Performance by drawing actual power up to the 802.3at standard 25.5W. Document results: Store up to 50 test results and download to your PC. Instant-on: Boots in under 3 seconds; six-hour battery life.